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Jas Takhar Podcast

Welcome to the Jas Takhar Podcast (Formally The REC Experience Podcast). In an energizing show, Host, Jas Takhar, speaks to business leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Bob Proctor, Patrick Bet-David, Manjit Minhas, and Robert Kiyosaki, who provide their best practices, strategies, tips, and mistakes all with the hope of inspiring you to take control of your own journey.

Apr 14, 2021

From a Cobbler to a Billionaire...

Coming from a long line of shoemakers, it seemed like the only option that Joe Foster had was to follow in his family’s footsteps, but instead Foster decided to push to push the boundaries even futher by Creating  global juggernaut Reebok and what we know today as the "sneaker"

Apr 7, 2021

If you’re a regular listener of the show then at this point you probably have noticed a theme with our GTA and Toronto Real Estate Market Stats update shows…. And that’s food!

So this week we chose to have a tea time and market stats update with tea, croissants, macarons and all types of goodies. 

As small...

Mar 31, 2021

Learn how to make positivity louder with Gary Vee. Positivity and optimism are so important especially after this past year that flipped our world upside down.

We deciced to sit down with special guest gary vee this week to talk about how he manages to stay so positive wethere thats in life, business and with...

Mar 24, 2021

The world of sales can be a confusing place whether you are selling real estate, sneakers, cars and even newspapers. Sales can be intimidation and a lot of work, from finding leads to staying an honest salesperson. So we decided to dedicate this episode on How to Become the Best Salesperson You Can Be. We all want to be...

Mar 17, 2021

This week we sit down with Vanessa Nagarajah who by 26 years old has cash flowing multi-family apartments with 28 units!


She goes over her journey from finding capital to purchase her multi-family apartments, to dealing with tenants, positive cash flowing and how she managed to do all of this by the age of 26 years...