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Jas Takhar Podcast

Welcome to the Jas Takhar Podcast (Formally The REC Experience Podcast). In an energizing show, Host, Jas Takhar, speaks to business leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Bob Proctor, Patrick Bet-David, Manjit Minhas, and Robert Kiyosaki, who provide their best practices, strategies, tips, and mistakes all with the hope of inspiring you to take control of your own journey.

Feb 14, 2024

With a wild fanbase following of over 70K on instagram, Giselle Ugarte, Media Entrepreneur and Coach, shares her journey from the bench to the screen as a movtivational speaker and coach. 

Welcome to the next episode of the Jas Takhar Podcast where he and his new guest, Giselle discuss their experiences with the social app Clubhouse, reminiscing about past events, and sharing personal stories.

Giselle shared her experience leaving her home state and attending USC, attributing her outgoing nature to her parents' encouragement and the influence of her older brothers. Jas shared similarities concerning his upbringing as the youngest member of his family, including the grounding effect of elder siblings and familial camaraderie. 

Both Jas and Giselle ultimately acknowledge their family dynamics as instrumental in shaping who they are today. Jas and Giselle reflect on their personal journeys, the stage as their performance platform, and how they have evolved therein. 


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