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Jas Takhar Podcast

Welcome to the Jas Takhar Podcast (Formally The REC Experience Podcast). In an energizing show, Host, Jas Takhar, speaks to business leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Bob Proctor, Patrick Bet-David, Manjit Minhas, and Robert Kiyosaki, who provide their best practices, strategies, tips, and mistakes all with the hope of inspiring you to take control of your own journey.

Mar 15, 2024

Join Jas Takhar and Jas Oberoi, Real Estate Advisor, in an enlightening episode of the Jazz Stack podcast, where they delve into the world of real estate investing, sharing invaluable insights from their rich experiences. Discover the nuances of investing in different markets, the significance of long-term planning in real estate, and strategies that have propelled their success. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the field, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspirational stories that will guide you on your real estate journey.


Key Moments:

00:00:00 - Podcast Introduction

00:00:37 - Guest Jas Oberoi's Arrival

00:08:55 - Discussing Flipping Tax

00:16:58 - Analyzing Housing Policies

00:24:01 - Investment Opportunities

00:30:01 - Surrey's Growing Market

00:37:01 - Jas Oberoi's Background

00:48:43 - Importance of Educational Events

00:52:01 - Success in Real Estate

01:09:30 - Closing Thoughts


Important Keywords and Explanations:

Real Estate Investors: Individuals who purchase properties with the aim of generating rental income or profiting from their resale.

Flipping Tax: A tax imposed on the profit earned from selling a property quickly after purchasing it, aimed at discouraging speculative real estate transactions.

Housing Policies: Government regulations and initiatives designed to influence the housing market, such as taxes, subsidies, and zoning laws.

Pre-construction: The phase of property development before construction begins, often involving the sale of properties based on architectural plans.

Land Assembly: The process of consolidating adjacent parcels of land for future development or sale.



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